Monday, December 12, 2011

Lady with her own fairytale

Hello bloggie! Sorry for the late update. Well there's nothing changed a lot my life. Day by day I'm doing the same thing. Oh hey! CHRISTMAS! I'm shooooooooooooo excited this christmas. I don't know why this year I've got the mood. My sweetheart gimme a present from Melaka,he bought me a pinky blouse.He said this is your christmas present for this year. *sweet Love it! I guess I'm gonna celebrate Christmas with him this year. :)
After Christmas it will be disaster for me. That time gonna be my study week for my final on 3 January 2012. Thumbs up to my college coz they being so for choosing that DATE! I*urgggghhhhhhhhhh guess that's the only thing I wanna share. See yah guys! :)

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