Monday, February 6, 2012

New life begin~ :)

Hello my bloggie!! It's been a while didn't post about my life,problem & whatever. Fist,my 2nd brother ody engaged! WOW! I have sister i law & she's the best sister in law I ever had! They getting married 5th  of May & baby blur + light green for their theme colour! Wehee! Now I'm in 7th semester for my study right now. Next sem is the final sem! Can't wait to finished my study.. There's a lot of things happen in my life,too many. Can't even list all of it,i mean not details of it. wahahaha! Oh yea! I have new puppy named Hachiyo!! OMG!! He sooooo cut & mata sepe gitu. Comel! I have three generation of small breed dogs. Funny~

My Life? Well oh well.. I've started new business name because it begin when my aunt asked me to do decoration for her wedding day. Just a table reception with wishing trees,door gift,pictures,candles & etc.. People might think & see it is easy BUT you guys are totally wrong. You have to find a lot of materials,modal,customer,marketing. Everything about business! Maybe I was born to be business minded,chehh bangga gitu. wahahaha! yeah,it's not easy to generate a lots of idea & inspiration. I'm so happy that new customer hire us to decoration another candy buffet & table reception with new concept! Thank you so much for you support!!

Owkay,i guess i'm done with my story telling! ahahahaha!! see you guys again!! ;)

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